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Art Relief Concert 2009

Posted by MarkJason On November - 7 - 2009

Art Relief 2009!
Togther we raised 3500+ dollars! Great music from very talented musicians and poets.
AJ Rafael was pretty good. I really liked The Adrian William Project gotta get their CD. Cathy Nguyen is a beautiful talent. My girlfriend got a picture with her “crush” RuSoul and he performed well and we all had a great time with a huge turn out. Although we didn’t sell any art, I don’t think anyone did really it was more like the T-Shirt vendors were getting sales. I did get some requests about my crushed can heart design and making them into shirts. So we’ll just have to see if I have the time to get another screen made so I can re-print that design on some shirts for you guys!

art relief-90art relief-83

art relief-132art relief-155

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Purchase these for a Cause: Final Submissions for Art Relief 09

Posted by MarkJason On November - 5 - 2009

Here are Grisel’s and mine submission for Art Relief 2009. Its a benefit concert and a art sale with proceeds going to Hurricane Ondoy Benifit and Am Red Cross.

ADDRESS** 3009 vine street Riverside CA 92507 530PM
Musical Appearances by:  AJ Rafael, RuSoul, Dogs of Ire, Perrla,  Adrian William Project, Cathy Nguyen + many more!
Donate Clothing, blankets, canned goods, and $$$
Contributors American Red Cross, ForEx, Radio Manila

Happy Birthday To Me!

Posted by MarkJason On November - 1 - 2009

Happy birthday to me! and the Chargers Won!

Chicken Feet

Chicken Feet

Last night we went out to Bourbon St which was bout 5 blocks from kamille’s place. It was my first time there and we all had a blast although we didn’t win the hallowen costume contest as the rainbow it was fun.

Four hours of sleep later i woke up 25. Didn’t feel any different, did you? Got ready for dim sum lunch with kamille and friends at Lucky Star Seafood. Most of them had never had dim sum before and it was fun to just try everything, even I tried the chicken feet.

About another four hours of rest it was time to have dinner and cake with my fam at home. Golden chopsticks and Hans and Harrys chocolate macadamia cake. Yum! Thank you for the book babe, and thanks to the parents for the iPhone 3GS. Love you

Taste the Rainbow

Taste the Rainbow

Rest of the Halloween Pictures:HERE

The Grisellian Curves

Posted by MarkJason On November - 1 - 2009

My first wordpess post from my new iPhone 3gs!

I had the chance to sit in and photograph my good friend, Grisel doing what she does best- painting whether its on canvas or peoples faces. She and my other good friend Caro have a small facepainting business that does party get togethers and holiday events such as Halloween. The Grisellian Curves are her style of art which involves lots of curvy vectors and such.


La Katrina

Grisel M.

Grisel as La Katrina

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