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Playing Catch-Up

Posted by MarkJason On March - 1 - 2010

Its been a while since my last entry and I have done lots! Here’s a quick Re-Cap:


Xmas – Double Christmas once again. G9′s cousins theme “Ugly Xmas Sweater”

New Years – Family, Food, Countdown, Food, Crash, Food.

January 2010

2 – Bought a  New Dell 22″ IPS monitor – This this is a beast the colors are crazy accurate and has 179 degree viewing angle, Did I mention it’s an IPS Panel? Sweetness

8 – Great scenic bike ride with my Love through University Heights. There are some cool pix from this album, ill post to flickr soon.

9 – The C/Y (Contax/Yashica) to EOS (Canon) Mount came in from HK, The AF confirm works, and works surprisingly well with my old yashica lens as well as this prestine 50 1.7 I picked up at the Salvatation Army for 20 bucks.

13 – G9 got a tank and beta, her first fish for her place. She named him ” 프린스 “  Prince in Korean. Heaven Sent afterwards.

16 – Setting up G9′s Sister’s Beta Tank. G9′s Nephew, Kris named their Beta, “Georgie” along with “Nemo” the clown fish decoration. As well a surprise early birthday visit from Faith and John for G9. Took them to Heaven Sent, John had a bad case of Sugar Overload.

17 – Happy Birthday G9 @ Lips – Thanks for all the help with the surprise guys! It was a Great Black Gospel Brunch!

22 – My first go @ Shooting Lightning. I still need lots of practice and more storms would help too, but please not anytime soon!

28 – Dinner with the Couple’s (Jes, Fil, Cat, Jason, G9 & I) and Ray at Phil’s BBQ

February 2010

2 – Cracked the back of the glass on my camera, no LCD damage, and pictures are still Crisp and Clear thank god. I had it on the blanket of my bed, blanket pulled, camera fell from bed to leg of computer chair, not even 2 feet high, Boom. I learned my lesson, I’m not going to leave it out of the bag again.

4 – Spur of the moment Drive to Julian for some PIE with G9, Kat and Kris. Fresh Hot Apple Cider was the Best.

14 – Valentine’s – Tofu House Lunch, the rest is History…

22 – Dinner at Bombay with Alison’s Mom, “All you can Eat Buffet today!?” We lucked out, we’ve been there before but never for Buffet, Food was soo good!




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