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Happy Birthday To Me!

Posted by MarkJason On November - 1 - 2009

Happy birthday to me! and the Chargers Won!

Chicken Feet

Chicken Feet

Last night we went out to Bourbon St which was bout 5 blocks from kamille’s place. It was my first time there and we all had a blast although we didn’t win the hallowen costume contest as the rainbow it was fun.

Four hours of sleep later i woke up 25. Didn’t feel any different, did you? Got ready for dim sum lunch with kamille and friends at Lucky Star Seafood. Most of them had never had dim sum before and it was fun to just try everything, even I tried the chicken feet.

About another four hours of rest it was time to have dinner and cake with my fam at home. Golden chopsticks and Hans and Harrys chocolate macadamia cake. Yum! Thank you for the book babe, and thanks to the parents for the iPhone 3GS. Love you

Taste the Rainbow

Taste the Rainbow

Rest of the Halloween Pictures:HERE

Happy Birthday Cat!

Posted by MarkJason On October - 31 - 2009

It is now 5 am Happy Halloween, We just lost an hour to daylight’s saving, I havent slept yet, got too much in the groove of editing pictures. Just a few hours ago we came from celebrating Cat’s Quarter of a Century Birthday @ Bj’s. I ordered way too much food so its gonna breakfast/lunch tomorrow er I mean today… and that means! my birthday day is tomorrow!!

Here are some pictures and of course the rest is on flickr.
IMG_9999_108 IMG_9999_131

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