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Jason Mraz Live in S.D

Posted by MarkJason On October - 14 - 2009



Great benefit show!! They labeled it pay what you want, reserved seats were only a buck, lawn seating was free! I went with G9, Melissa, and Brian, met up with Grise and Caro because we bought our tickets at the same time and got seats next to each other. G9′s cousin from Riverside were there too but we didn’t get to catch up because their phones died.

Brett Dennen and Jason Mraz were both great performers. Jason Mraz really knows how to work the crowd and is a top showman. I got my T1i into the venue along with a 300mm lens, but damn, we were in the 301 section which isn’t as far the lawn. These were the best we could take. The rest is on my flickr which you can connect to on the right side of the website.




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